EHRNO offers a range of services in terms of quality, environment, health, and development.

This is to ensure that we always meet the legal requirements and documentation, as well as offering our customers assistance in these areas.


To ensure quality and documentation, we have built our own laboratory where we can perform a variety of analyzes, testing, and development tasks.

We perform quality control tests, both as raw material control, but also continuous production and control of limited goods. We have a large number of standard procedures, but we also perform specific customer requirements and documentation.

To the documentation of total migration, among other, we cooperate with a number of external laboratories both domestically and internationally. 


EHRNO gives the environment high priority. Therefore, we are certified by the ISO14001 standard, which ensures a consistently high standard in environmental matters. Not only does it mean that we have structured conditions in the work environment, but objections and action plans are guarantee that we are not only safe to obey the law, but also in many aspects move on in the systematic environmental work.


To be a preferred supplier to the food industry, it is important to have a documented high level of hygiene. Therefore EHRNO is certified to the BRC standard.

This ensures a high level of hygiene, both in the handling of products and processes. Furthermore, there are also incorporated a wide range of documentation to law, food directives, contact materials, and also raw materials and subcontractors.

There are also guided control over personnel, buildings, and other facilities.

Research and Development

EHRNO wants to be up to date and ahead when it comes to packaging. Therefore we have a structured work plan, always to optimize and improve our products.

EHRNO have implemented a development strategy which ensures, that the development projects and other projects are assessed in relation to a number of parameters. This is not only in relation to each product, but also in relation to the environment, hygiene, marketing, CSR, and other important areas of a product. At EHRNO we work with our own developments, but we also work very closely with our customers, suppliers, knowledge institutions, and other jurisdictional competencies.