Lamination of flexible laminates is a bonding of different materials, so that you can utilize several different material properties in one film.


Many of the materials used for the lamination of flexible packaging, has good properties for a desired function, but may be less useful for the other. The properties that can be combined are barrier, sealing performance, visual or other required or desired properties.

Bringing together all needs and wants into one film often requires several different layers, which appears by lamination.


Materials typically used for lamination are for example PET, OPA, OPP, PE, Aluminum, paper, etc. EHRNO has the possibility to use all of these materials in the productions of multi-layer films. EHRNO mainly produces 2-layer and 3-layer films, but we also produce some very complex 4 or 5-layer constructions.


EHRNO has equipment for both solvent-free lamination and water-based lamination.