The completion of the foils our customers use on their packaging machines is produced on our slitters. While slitting, various functionalities can be supplied to the film, such as; micro perforation, embossing, etc.


The slitting can be wound up on different core diameters. The most commonly used are Ø 70 mm, Ø 76 mm, or Ø152 mm. Most often we use cardboard as HYLSE, but occasionally we wound up on plastic or others.


Micro perforation is small holes made in the film, and these can be adjusted in size and has the possibility of varying the distance and position on the film. Micro perforation allows oxygen to pass through the film, if the content requires it.


Embossing is a physical effect that can be added to the surface of the film, to add functionality to the product, or for cosmetic reasons. The patterns can be standard such as; line or damas, but it can also be embossed as logos or other patterns.