Cheese, butter and magarine

Ehrno is providing a significant product portfolio for the packaging of cheese, butter and margarine.

Our packaging solutions for the packaging of cheese are branded under the name Cheeseflex®. These are characterized by an optimal production performance on our customers’ packaging plant, as well as maturation of mold cheese proceeds as desired in the laminate. Ehrno can provide solutions for soft- and blue cheese with different water content and therefore different requirements for the diffusion of water and oxygen. These solutions are each tailored to each product and our clients’ other needs and demands. Today Ehrno is supplying to a number of significant producers of soft- and blue cheese in Europe and we are continuously working on improving existing laminates and developments of new ones.

Also for packaging of butter and margarine a comprehensive product range is offered. Butter and margarine are high in fat and therefore requires special properties, to ensure that the product regardless of different impacts successfully meets the desired quality. Often these products are frozen and heated up several times before being consumed, and that impact demands the laminate to be able to handle this. It also imposes significant demands to the high efficiency of the packaging process. This applies whether the products are packed in liquid or solid form. Our products for this product category is named Butterflex® and we offer both single-layer and multi-layer foil.

Through continuous product development process, our packaging solutions for cheese, butter and margarine are continuously improved. This is done in close cooperation with our customers so that we ensure the best possible overall economy.